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Our mission is 'to make discovering a luxury staycation in the UK accessible to everybody'

Luxury Staycations was started by a small team passionate about travel, who also love beautiful design, especially when it comes to properties. Having worked in the travel industry for many years, we knew how difficult it was to find great accommodation at a price which wasn't exorbitant, so we decided to launch Luxury Staycations, a curated list of what we consider to be the best properties to stay in the UK for a perfect luxury break.

We hand pick the best properties based on design, amenities and price and our users can either browse all of our properties (and browse by location), choose to receive the best 6 properties each month via our Lux List newsletter, or use our concierge service to tell us what you are after and a helpful member of the team will email you back with 3 options we think may be suited to your needs, no more and no less. We specifically keep our range small as we believe in quality over quantity and know the perils of "the paradox of choice". Unfortunately this can mean that availability is limited for some properties so we suggest you check availability on our partner sites before getting too excited and be quick to avoid missing out.

Why trust us?

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trusted partners

When you make a booking, you book directly with our carefully vetted, trusted partners, so you don't pay anything to us but we only put a property on the site if we think that the partner is trusted to treat you well and fairly, so if you do have any problems, again please don't hesitate to contact us.

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over 10 years experience

We've over 10 years experience in the sector, love luxury along with beautiful design and value and we're putting all of that together to find you the best accommodation out there. Of course nobody's perfect and so if you feel we're missing anything please or could do a better job, we do encourage you to get in touch.

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How we make our money?

We don't think that Luxury Staycations would be a very luxurious experience if it was filled with ads, and so we don't have any. Though that being said, unfortunately the website and our small team can't run on fresh air and sunshine (not that we get much of either from our HQ in Stoke Newington, London!), so we make a commission every time you book a property through our site. However, rest assured this doesn't affect the properties we present to you and properties are promoted based on the strength of the accommodation and value, and not on the amount of commission we make.

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